X Completes New Album

Yoshiki of X Japan held a press conference today at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo, announcing that the band’s latest album is finally completed. However, he remains mum on the release date and said that will be left to the management and agency to discuss.

Yoshiki, who returned early this morning from LA after finishing up recording for the album, was met with several reporters at the airport. But the drummer was confused as it wasn’t the place for the press conference and joked that he then realised it was because US Open Champion, Osaka Naomi, was onboard the same flight.

If you’ve been following the US Open, Naomi didn’t win it under the best of circumstances as the battle between Serena Williams and the umpire overshadowed her well-deserved win. While the situation surrounding her win was unenviable, the US$3.8 million prize money and a US$10 million deal with Adidas should most certainly be well worth it.

At least, several media outlets have been saying, “nobody’s talking about Naomi; everybody’s talking about Serena’s argument with Carlos Ramos.” Well, if everybody is talking about how nobody is talking about Naomi, then everybody is really talking about Naomi (by way of how Serena unintentionally stole her limelight).

Anyhow! Since X Japan’s return, fans have been wondering when the next album will be released as the last one was Dahlia, released in 1996. Till now, Yoshiki has repeatedly announced that the album was near completion but delayed again and again. While he didn’t specify the release date following a question on his next project, Yoshiki shared that this album took him 10 years to finally finish.

With the recent disasters happening around Japan, such as the great typhoon hitting Osaka and the tremendous earthquake in Hokkaido, Yoshiki had been doing his part by making donations. When asked about it, Yoshiki said, on many occasions, he’s asked himself if he has played a part in society by playing rock music. And it made him realise that assisting the society this way, is a way for him to save himself and give him a reason to live.

Can I also have a reason to live? The same one, please? $_$


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