Chiba Teacher Sticks Fingers in Student’s Mouth for Sexual Pleasure

An elementary school teacher in Chiba was arrested after a high school student reported him to the police on accounts of assault.

Suspect Nakamura was walking along the streets when he spotted a high school boy and pretended to ask him for directions to the nearest train station. He then led the student into a toilet in nearby Chiba University and told him his teeth look nice and that he should look at it in the mirror himself. Following which, Nakamura stuck his fingers into the student’s mouth as well as pushed on his Adam’s apple and said, “If you push here, you will burp.”

The student beared with it for 8 whole minutes before being let go and went to the police to make a report.

When interrogated, Nakamura said that the high school boy was his type, so he pretended to ask for directions and wanted to satisfy his own sexual desires. The suspect shared that he has a fetish for the smell of burps =\ and confessed that he has also done the same to some 10-over other people.

This is a bit random, but I never knew you can induce burps.

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