Octopath Traveler: Secondary Jobs – Ophilia

D and I are pretty hooked on Octopath Traveler. Interestingly, while we didn’t set out for things to turn out this way, her main characters are almost completely different than mine. I mainly use Therion, H’aanit, Cyrus and Ophilia, while D uses Primrose, Olberic, Alfyn, and H’aanit. From this, you can tell H’aanit is a really valuable member to have on the team (and Tressa isn’t or maybe we haven’t really discovered her merits yet). But things got complicated when secondary jobs happen.

In Octopath Traveler, there are shrines for each job (and even some secret jobs that we haven’t discovered but read about online). Each character can take on a secondary job that will give them access to the weapons and skills another job has. This has us torn as the combination and benefits of having one secondary job for a particular character also means an opportunity cost for that job to be used by another.

I found some people online who think Ophilia is useless and love Alfyn, and I happen to be on the opposite team. D loves Alfyn as well and though she was contemplating using Ophilia, she found Alfyn’s concocting skill fun and valuable. Seeing how she uses Alfyn to concoct virtually anything (from elemental attacks to poisons to healing herbs), I do agree that Alfyn is good to have on the team (otherwise those items for concoction are pretty much useless). But I have built my Ophilia to such incredible strength, I decided to stick with her.

For me, apart from H’aanit, Ophilia is the one I pay the most attention on building up. Reason being, she’s the healer and I need my healer to not die. Such cruel irony if a healer needs someone else to heal her. Thus, I have given her Tressa’s parents’ scarves—one of which restores 6 SP after every action and the other restores 100 HP after every action—and all the nuts and gears that can strengthen her physical and elemental defenses so no one can take her down easily.

For her secondary job, I had been struggling for a while but finally settled on scholar. And as I use her, I began to be more and more certain of this decision. Now, the scholar has a skill that allows them to restore HP after every action as well. And unlike the scarf Ophilia has, the scholar’s HP restoration amount increases as they level up, so giving Ophilia that secondary job means that it is even harder for monsters to take her out as the amount of HP gain will just keep increasing as she levels up. At about level 37, my Ophilia is already gaining 300+ HP every turn. On top of that, as a cleric, Ophilia has a skill that allows her to heal beyond her maximum HP. That means, even though her current max HP is only about 1,800, I can heal her to over 3,000 using her healing skills. Note that once her HP exceeds her max HP, it will not gain further until it falls to equal or below the max and it only lasts as long as each battle (i.e. after the battle, no matter how far beyond the max HP Ophilia has, it will return to the max).

The other benefit of having scholar as Ophilia’s secondary job is that since Ophilia is a mage and strong in elemental attacks (and also given the power to regain 6 SP after every action by grace of her master, me), having the scholar as a secondary job means she now has access to Light, Fire, Ice, and Lightning (4 of the 6 main elemental attacks). The only other two she can’t use are Dark and Wind, manipulated by Primrose and Tressa respectively. But that works fine for me.

Ophilia’s single Light attack costs 6 SP, the same amount that she will gain back so it’s technically free for her to use. Although the dancer’s skill of restoring SP is higher, which makes many of Ophilia’s and Cyrus’ elemental attacks free, I decided keeping Ophilia alive is more important for now, so she shall bear with the 6 SP scarf. Besides, having dancer as a secondary job means Ophilia only has access to Light and Dark elemental attacks. That’s a little too few for a mage.

Unlike most game review websites online, I am not recommending a few options for Ophilia’s second job because I like how I have set her up to be. She is perfect the way I have created her and I can’t see how else she can be set up. I’m so proud of how powerful a support character she is now, I wish there was an online version of the game where we can pit our party against other online players.

If you have other ideas how you are building Ophilia, I’m sure you’re wrong please do share the details.

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