Toda Erika Suddenly Clears Out Her Instagram Account

On October 1, Japanese actress Toda Erika of such popular movies as Death NoteLiar Game, and Spec, cleared out her instagram account by deleting all uploaded images.

The account used to be filled with Toda’s photos taken in between shoots and her private life with 2.8 million followers has only 1 photo now, uploaded on the same day all other photos were deleted. The only image on the account now is one of what appears to be a butterfly-shaped accessory. The other is a trailer of her new drama uploaded on October 3.

Said Toda’s Instagram account is a verified account as identified with the official tick mark next to her account name. And for official accounts, such an occurrence is extremely rare, which made people wonder what exactly happened with her.

Following a traffic accident last October, Toda’s love affair with Narita Ryo was exposed. And in August this year, the couple was seen travelling in Cebu, Philippines together. There’s been rumours going around that perhaps it’s because Toda and Narita have broken up but Toda shared that this was something she decided as she approached 30 years old. In order to grow further, she decided to throw away old things and her old ways of thinking, reset herself in preparation for her next milestone of turning 40. If that is the case, it might just be a simple case of house-cleaning.

What we can be sure of is that more people will now pay attention to her Instagram account.

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