Nishino Kana to Take a Break after Lacklustre Year-end Performance

Nishino Kana suddenly announced her decision to take a break indefinitely from the entertainment industry as the online crowd is recovering from her surprisingly lacklustre performance on December 30, 2018 at the 60th Japan Record Awards.

The Mie singer rose to fame with her sweet but strong vocals and talent in writing lyrics that reflect her love life and resonate with her listeners. However, when performing Bedtime Story, a Songs of the Year award winner at last year’s Japan Record Awards, the songstress went audibly flat in several instances, very unlike her usual live performances. So much so that fans were wondering why she sounded different with some even using the word “下手 (lousy)” to describe her singing.

When I saw the video, I initially thought she probably caught a cold but when Nishino abruptly announced her intention to go on hiatus, I began to wonder if it’s related to the performance. Perhaps her health is in such bad shape, she needed time to recuperate or even go for treatment. The official announcement goes that Nishino intends to take on new challenges during the break and that could very well be true. In any case, hopefully when she decides to return, she can come back as strong if not stronger. Whatever it is, let’s hope it’s not due to poor health because it’s never nice to be ill.

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