Reiwa-related Trademark Applications Exceed 1,200 in China

According to China Patent & Trademark Office, there’s been some 1,276 trademark applications that include the words “令和.” To put things in perspective, the term 令和 exists in neither the Japanese nor Chinese language (because they make it a point to pick words that don’t actually exist), so it is no coincidence that there are so many applications. One or two might be understandable, but to have 1,276 is just plain obvious it’s due to Japan.

Apart from a 2017 application for an alcohol-related brand approved in 2018, the remaining applications were all applied after the name for the new era was announced on April 1. Just on that day alone, there were 238 applications. These applications also includes some corporations who made multiple submissions.

I’m really curious why the Chinese are rushing to trademark the 令和 name. I doubt any Japanese business is going to use those words in their business and try to enter the Chinese market later so there’s really no financial benefit in trademarking them.

Does that mean Chinese consumers will be more interested in products with 令和 in them?

The Chinese never fail to befuddle me.


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