How Do You Like Your Name?

When I was still teaching, I had the chance to read a speech prepared by a pretty outstanding student. The title was The Power of Names. Although she actually wrote it in Japanese and had it translated for her, the content revealed much of her intellect. The title alone blew me away and had me wanting to read the content.

A part of it talked about how she used to dislike her name and one day asked her mum why they chose that name for her. Her mum went to the computer, opened a webpage and told her to enter her name. She did it, hit enter and what returned was all positive blessings in her life and she began to learn and truly understand the meaning behind it. I won’t go into detail the rest of her speech but it was really good.

While randomly searching for something else earlier, I came across this site and gave it a try. If you’re interested to try yours, click here. Don’t forget to set to the correct gender. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t work for English names.

Getting back to my student’s speech, I will never forget my favourite sentence she wrote

Your name is the first gift your parents gave you. It’s also the first gift you ever received.

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